What Clients Say

Alexandra Vasquez Dheming

Lighting Designer

Dear Maryna,

Thank you so much in aiding me receive my O-1 visa. Your help and expertise were so appreciated. I can't wait to see what the next three years have in store. Many Thanks!


Manuel Ochoa

Cabinet Maker

Dear Ms. Lansky,
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help over the years with my immigration paperwork. I want you to know that you have helped so much and brought so much joy to myself and my family. We have a great appreciation for you, we will always be grateful.

I wish you all the best and would like to thank you again for all your time and effort.

Best Regards
Manuel Ochoa



Dear Maryna,

You’re fantastic!
Thank you for all your hard work on my J-1 case and for always being available to answer my many questions and put my mind at ease. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.


James Desborough

Award winning journalist / Media Consultant

Working with Maryna Lansky has been joy and a privilege. The process of obtaining a visa and Green Card often can appear daunting at the start, but thanks to Maryna's calm directions it was much easier than I ever could have expected. No phone call or email enquiry was ever too much, and the advice and directions she gave me have been spot on. She has been a stalwart of sanity too at times when it can feel a little overwhelming. I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking for an immigration attorney; Maryna is not only a super professional but also a lawyer, who genuinely cares for her clients.

Sylvia Lee

Dress Designer

Maryna, from the moment we were first in contact, you were the most informative lawyer who responded most readily and consistently to my questions and emails. Thank you so much for your time and efforts, and especially for putting up with my frantic and urgent situations. I'm forever grateful to you! You definitely know what you are doing!

Cheres Espinal

Visual Artist

I am an artist who came here from the Canary Islands, ML got me an O-1 visa and my husband and kids could stay my visa until they were 21 and then college tuition would have been prohibitively expensive for my 2 daughters since only I was officially allowed to work. I got my green card through ML and she made my family's American Dream come true.
Thank you.

Justin Jacobs

Classical Pianist, Accompanist, And Music Director of Music Theatre

I am a classical pianist, accompanist, and music director of music theatre from Melbourne, Australia. I first came to New York in 2000, and in early 2001 I decided that I wanted to live there. I had had a lot of experience in professional music theatre by this stage, but as I spoke to more and more lawyers in New York, I became disheartened.

One after another, they all told me the same thing: that there was no possibility of me being granted a working visa and being allowed to stay in the country. Then I found Maryna Lansky. Maryna asked me all about myself and my working background in great detail, and outlined what would be needed for me to obtain a working visa. She told me that it would involve some work, but that it was more than likely that if I applied for an O-1 visa, my application would be approved. Maryna helped me at every stage of the way, as I collected all of the information and documents necessary for my application. My O-1 working visa was approved within two months of submission! I lived in New York for a total of fifteen years (I have just moved back to Melbourne), renewing my visa as needed every few years. Maryna made the whole process of renewal completely effortless, and each time, my visa was approved within a couple of weeks. Each time I met with her, she was professional, warm and friendly, and she inspired me with confidence. I have recommended Maryna to all of my friends and colleagues who have asked me about working in America. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Without her help, I don't think I would have been able to live and work in the USA. I am forever indebted to her, and extremely grateful.

Marcel Yunes

BBDO Creative Director

I highly recommend Maryna Lansky's law services. She helped prepare and feel reassured everything would run smoothly for my american citizenship interview and process. She's friendly and very easy to work with.

Carlos Arriaga

Private Chef

Maryna gave me a new life, an endless sense of unimaginable opportunities. Trust her bullet proof system and you'll be rewarded too!